I’m a political spy…

Occasionally I will be sharing my odd adventures from when I was in Chicago. I meant to make a blog during the time I was there, but blog schmog it never got done.

People are just different here. For starters, I’ll begin with one particular episode. My brother in law and I are walking back from the beach and we stop to fix his kayak. This young guy stops in front of us on his bike and starts asking questions about the kayak, normal stuff like “So how much did that cost you?” My brother in law friendly answers his questions. Suddenly, the guy gets quiet, pauses, and looks down the sidewalk. “Sorry for just hanging here, I’m keeping an eye on those people.” He points to an innocent elderly couple stopping to smell flowers a few houses down. “See, I’m a political spy,” he declares and promptly gets back on his bike and rides off into the sunset.

…Am I the only one who thinks this was a little strange?