Cabbage Pets: The New Thing


“Teens In China Are Putting Cabbages On Leashes And Taking Them For Walks”– click if you want a good laugh ūüôā Sightings of teens walking around with cabbages on leashes were reported recently. Apparently these youth are depressed or something.

After you read the link above and want to know the real deal read the real explanation for why Chinese youth are walking around with cabbages on leashes. There is a method to their madness.

Help Megan’s Fight Against Self-Injury

My friend Megan needs help paying for medical treatment her insurance does not cover. She appreciates any help at all ūüôā She has a very kind heart and I admire her for going to such great lengths to improve herself.

Click on to help!


“I am raising up funds for me to be able to stay at a residential program that is specifically for individuals that struggle with Self Injury, which is in Missouri. My health insurance doesn’t have residential benefits (meaning they won’t pay for me to stay in the hospital overnight for the thirty days I am in the program), but they will cover all the other costs of the program 100%.The boarding for the thirty days will cost 2,000, which I need your help with, please.¬†

I will also need help in paying for transportation costs please, since it’s pretty pricey, because I live in Texas & it’s pretty far away from Missouri. Anyway, it costs about 400 for Roundtrip Grayhound Bus Tickets & I figure it will cost about 100 for the Taxi Ride to the hospital, (as well from the hospital when the I have finished my thirty days at the program), where the Residential Program is being held; which is in a surrounding city, from where the bus station is.

Please help me out, it really would mean so much to me if I could go get treatment there, I’ve been wanting to go for four years now; I really feel like God has pointed me toward this program, because it’s a good life altering experience!

Please donate as much as you feel lead too, anything helps!
Prayer, over this matter is great too!”

Wanna Lose Weight?


Do it by eating healthy and exercise! There is no way around it. If you do not have time, MAKE TIME. Eating healthy¬†and exercise. Eating healthy¬†and exercise. Eating healthy¬†+ EXERCISE = WEIGHT LOSS. There is no fruit, powder, pill, diet, or anything besides¬†diet and exercise that will help you get weight off and KEEP the weight off. Sure, some of these so-called research-backed cleanses and diets can occasionally get the weight off, but it is from severely reducing one’s caloric intake. What do the Atkin’s Diet, SouthBeach Diet, Garcinia Cambogia, and any new weight loss pill¬†have in common? LOW CALORIES. Each diet will ask the user to severely reduce their caloric intake. This is not healthy for the body.



The real way to lose weight is to eat healthy and workout. Majority of overweight Americans severely overeat. It is amazing to learn how many small food items can carry an unbelievably high number of calories. Choose some strawberries with whip cream instead of a piece of cake. Choose baked chicken over fried chicken. Losing weight does not have to entail a drastic change in the food you eat. Consider making one small change a day, like drinking one fewer soda, or ordering the next size down of french fries. The goal for many of us is to not only lose the weight, but keep it off. To do this, change is slow, but also more likely to be long-term.


If the first thing you do to lose weight is pull out your wallet, this is a big indicator that something is wrong. Losing weight should not be expensive (not until you have to buy smaller sized clothing of course :D). 


A good example of a low-calorie meal with all the food groups.

Helpful Resources:

MyFitnessPal is a FREE online and phone app calorie counter. Consider using it for 2-3 days to see how many calories you are actually consuming.¬†has articles about the latest Fad Diets and why they don’t keep the weight off permanently.

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