Cute Armadillo

It seems that more and more cute animal videos are being posted online each day. Aside from your typical house pets, I had never thought of armadillos as being cute until now! What do you think?



Armadillo Quick Facts:

-Armadillo is a spanish word for “little armored thing”.

-Over 20 varieties of armadillos exist, with only one variety existing in the United States.

-Armadillos give birth in sets of 4 and from the same egg. Each quadruplet is identical to the other.

-Armadillos have poor eyesight and therefore use their sense of smell to hunt.

-By inflating their stomach and intestines, armadillos can float under water.

-When frightened, armadillos jump straight into the air.


More Facts Can Be Found Here:

New Invention to Save Children from Hot Cars


A high school senior named Alissa Chavez has struck a magnificent invention. Chavez has created a tool to significantly reduce the number of child deaths due to sitting in a hot car. How so? The “Hot Seat” includes a pad that is placed under the child’s car seat, and a keychain alarm. If the parent walks more than 40ft away from the pad, the alarm sounds. Pretty cool, right? Go Alissa!





NBA Player Isaiah Austin Gets a Job Offer

Isaiah Austin, Former Baylor Center.

Former Baylor Center Isaiah Austin has a world of opportunity on his hands. Commissioner Adam Silver has guaranteed Austin a job once he finishes up his degree. A job offer after graduating is good news, but not that atypical. What is special about this case is an athlete being respected both ON the court and OFF the court. Hoorah for Austin! In addition the offer from Silver, Austin also has an offer from his former Baylor Coach, Scott Drew.

Austin has dedicated years of hard work and training to the sport of basketball; it is satisfying to know he will be rewarded even after he stops playing. What do you think?


5 yr old boy with terminal cancer wants bday cards

This sweet face wants a birthday card, from YOU.

With a case of inoperable brain cancer, Danny Nickerson has an unusual life for a young kid. Instead of action heroes, he would like birthday cards for his birthday. Take a few minutes out of your day to send this adorable child a birthday card. Seriously, it will make his day, maybe even his life.


To mail Danny a card:

Danny Nickerson

P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035

Get updates on Danny at and see what a difference your card has already made!