Get Tighter Abs!

Get tighter abs and a stronger core by doing a plank several times a week. Hold for as long as you can while still keeping your form correct. 


Tighten flabby abs

Popular exercise called a plank. 

Note: Keep your hips down and remember to breath.

Good luck!


Opposing Muscle Groups: How to Do Weights Properly

Avoid a disproportionate body by making sure to workout all muscle groups. Whenever you exercise a muscle, make sure to also workout it’s opposite muscle. By evenly working out your body you will avoid muscle imbalances and injuries.

See the list below for common opposing muscle groups. 

1. Upper body, Lower body


2. Hamstrings, Quadriceps


3. Triceps, Biceps

4. Chest, Upper Back

5. Core, Lower Back

See more at: Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day.


Ten Unusual Ways to Exercise

Studies show the numerous benefits of exercise: stress relief, longer lives, decreased risk for disease, etc.

Here are 10 Unusual Ways to Exercise:

1. Rollerblading– it’s not just for kids, mom and dad can do it too! Rollerblading is great for cardio and balance. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, your body will benefit from a short stroll through the neighborhood. 

by Dennis MacDonald

Rollerblading by Dennis MacDonald

2. Martial Arts– Many gyms offer classes for martial arts, and for all levels.  

3. Dancing- almost all forms! Hip-hop, salsa, country, ball room, you name it! Enjoy yourself as you burn calories and work your body. 

4. Paddle Boarding- talk about a killer core workout! This is great for anyone near a body of water. The harder/easier you work, the harder/easier it will be. 

Paddle Boarding

5. Kayaking– another great form of exercise for people living near water. This works more upper body.  

6. Wii Fit- a working mom of 5 children told me about this one! Wii Fit offers dozens of different games to choose from including yoga, Hula hooping, skiing, tennis, The Biggest Loser, circuit training, and a whole lot more. 

Wii Fit

7. Kickboxing– this one is especially great for relieving stress and agitation. Many gyms have classes for this. 

8. Trampoline Jumping– I discovered this one while babysitting. It is easy on the joints, and great for getting in short 10-minute bursts of exercise. 

9. Tennis- find a buddy, some rackets, and tennis balls and get to it! 

10. Swimming- this is a great low-impact form of exercise which you can easily modify to fit your needs. 


What unusual forms of exercise do YOU do? 


Upper Back Pain Relief

For those of us who work at a computer all day and sit most of the day, we get very tight shoulders and a tight upper back. Find quick relief by using Bruger’s Postural Relief. It only takes about a minute and it feels great!!

Steven Oldale Says:

“Here’s a simple exercise to help:

This exercise is called the Bruger’s postural relief, after Mr Bruger who first developed and recorded it.

First stand up tall, look straight ahead, and then retract your head so that it stays level. Try doing this in a mirror as you should still be looking straight at yourself. If you are doing this correctly you’ll feel tension under the jaw, you’ll have a double chin and if you talk you’ll sound a bit nerdy. See photo for poor posture and correct posture.

Typical slumped Upper Back Posture

Backing away from your hand can help achieve correct posture

It’s Time To Stretch

Now reach up with your arms going in front of you, not to the side. Reach as high as you can with one arm and hold it there, then do the same with the other and alternate until they won’t go any further. This releases tension in the upper back and mobilises the upper thoracic spine.

Reaching Up And Mobilising The Upper Back

Now lower the arms in front of you and rotate the shoulders outwards, then extend the wrists. This stretches the chest muscles, strengthens the upper back muscles and mobilises the nerves into the hand.

Arms are rotated back and hands extended

Note the shoulders are not pulled back, but only rotated

This will help to reduce the effects of creep on the spine, for a full guide on causes of back pain go to 

Instantly Reduce Belly Fat!

Belly fat got you down? Try standing up tall, bringing your belly button to your back bone, and looking straight ahead. Poor posture can make almost anyone look like they have more belly fat than they really do. Check out the girl below- she instantly looks thinner!


Practice this trick for several minutes a day. At first it will feel tiring to hold your belly button to your back, but after practicing it will become something you do not even notice! Even better, standing tall like the girl above is great for your back health and posture! 




Pool Workout for Non-Swimmers


Here is a workout you can do in the pool, even if you are NOT a swimmer, and even if all you have access to is a small apartment pool! I did not have a paddle board, so I used the top of a styrofoam cooler instead. 


This workout takes about 25-30mins. It is great for the front of your legs and abs!

  1. Warm up by kicking easy 4 x 25 yards (rest 10 sec. at end of the lane after each before starting the next lap)
  2. Repeat the following 3 times:
    1. Kick 25 yards easy followed by 25 yards hard (10 sec. rest)
    2. Kick 50 yards easy followed by 25 yards moderate followed by 25 yards hard (20 sec. rest)
    3. Kick 25 yards moderate followed by 25 yards hard (15 sec. rest)
  3. Kick on your back (holding the kickboard straight out overhead) 4 x 25 yards (15 sec. rest) **this really works your core
  4. Kick 4 x 25 yards very hard (sprinting effort) (30 sec. rest)
  5. Cool down by kicking easy 4 x 25 yards (10 sec. rest) 


Workout originally found from

Get Rid of Flabby Arms


Get Toned!

You know that flabby underarm fat that jiggles around when you raise your arms? It’s easy to fix, and without any money or surgeries! What you are seeing when you look at a flabby back of the arm is a combination of fat and untoned muscle. Even extremely thin people can have flabby underarms; it’s mostly about toning up your muscles.

So how to do this? Work on your triceps- they are the flabby skin you are seeing. 

Many exercises can be found for triceps depending on what you are comfortable doing. Several of them can even be done at home. Some tricep exercises include:

1. Push Ups

2. Tricep Dips- using a chair, curb, or bench

3. Cable Machine Tricep Pushdowns

4. Tricep Kickbacks- using dumbbell 

5. Tricep Extension- using dumbbell


Just by doing a simple google search for “tricep exercises” you can find a whole lot. The point is to pick an exercise you can do for 8-10 reps and 1-3 sets of. Try doing this twice a week. 

Below are two websites with exercises to choose from:

As always, feel free to ask me any questions about exercise or my posts!