What is your life purpose?


Here’s a segment of an article I read. This would be great for college students or anyone not sure of what they want to do for a living. Check it out!

Steps for Finding Your Life Purpose:

1. Make a list of everything you can remember that made you happy.
2. Highlight those items on your list that involve a skill, and identify that skill.
3. Rank the top 10 highlighted items in the order of joy they bring to you. Whatever makes you happiest of all gets 10 big points.
4. Now rank the top 10 highlighted items in terms of their income potential. The most lucrative skill of all is worth 10 points.
5. Total the two ranked columns. The highest score represents a potential main purpose in your life. Presto!

See more at: http://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits#sthash.tKsPYeSu.dpuf