Basic Tree Maintenance

Feeling overwhelmed about all the news about climate change? Or simply wanting to do your part for the environment? Trees are incredibly important for maintaining a healthy environment and are relatively simple to maintain. Continue reading for easy tips on how to care for mature trees you have in your lawn.

First, here are some quick facts about trees:

*Trees take up to 15 years to reach maturity

*Until a tree has matured, it cannot absorb carbon

*For every tree that is planted, 10 are cut down world wide

Caring for Trees in your Lawn

Much to your surprise, trees need more water than we might think.

*Trees planted within the past 5 years need 5-10 gallons of water weekly to be happy. A good way to water your lovely tree is to set the hose to a slow drip and place it at the base of the tree. If your tree has mulch around it, that’s an even better place for the hose. Leave the hose there for several hours or overnight.

*A tree that is watered throughout a drought will grow 30-60% faster.

*Large trees that appear to be fully grown still need water…though far less often. Consider watering these wise trees once every 4 weeks, and place the hose at the furthest end of the roots you can see rather than at the base. Use a slow trickle, as stated before, and try to move the hose to different spots around the tree ever so often.

File:Olive trees on Thassos.JPG

*Trees need to be the center of attention, so try not to plant shrubs or bushes near the base of your tree to avoid competition.

Austin Bag Ban



For those of you who do not know, Austin has banned the use of plastic bags in the city. Instead of packaging groceries in plastic single-use bags, stores are now requiring customers to bring their own reusable bags for shopping. Customers who forget their bags have the option of purchasing reusable bags at the counter, or paying a small fee for a sturdier plastic bag.

Austin is an amazing city, and it’s fairly recent bag ban is only one example. While it may be somewhat of a nuisance to have to remember to bring my reusable grocery bags, I am more than happy to do my part to save planet earth. Austin officials are proud to say that the city as whole has reduced its litter and landfill contributions.

More information can be found here¬†for Austin’s Bag Ban.

Portland Bag Ban, Major Sam Adams

Shout out to Portland for being the first Oregon city to enact the single-use plastic bag ban! There are 5 people in this picture, surprisingly.

What are your thoughts on the bag ban? How has it affected your life for the better?