Help Me Pay for Mazda Wazda’s cancer surgery

Mazda had a rare form of mouth cancer that required half of his lower jaw to be removed to stop further spreading. Before the surgery he was in a lot of pain and was a completely different and generally aggressive dog. Now he is pain free and 100% different! The surgery cost over $3000. I maxed out my credit card and had to use a CareCredit card to pay for majority of the procedure. The card has a 24% interest rate. Because of my good credit I was able to qualify for the card, but at my current income there is no way I will be able to pay off the balance. Any help would be much appreciated!

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What is your life purpose?

Here’s a segment of an article I read. This would be great for college students or anyone not sure of what they want to do for a living. Check it out!

Steps for Finding Your Life Purpose:

1. Make a list of everything you can remember that made you happy.
2. Highlight those items on your list that involve a skill, and identify that skill.
3. Rank the top 10 highlighted items in the order of joy they bring to you. Whatever makes you happiest of all gets 10 big points.
4. Now rank the top 10 highlighted items in terms of their income potential. The most lucrative skill of all is worth 10 points.
5. Total the two ranked columns. The highest score represents a potential main purpose in your life. Presto!

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Ten Unusual Ways to Exercise

Studies show the numerous benefits of exercise: stress relief, longer lives, decreased risk for disease, etc.

Here are 10 Unusual Ways to Exercise:

1. Rollerblading– it’s not just for kids, mom and dad can do it too! Rollerblading is great for cardio and balance. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, your body will benefit from a short stroll through the neighborhood. 

by Dennis MacDonald

Rollerblading by Dennis MacDonald

2. Martial Arts– Many gyms offer classes for martial arts, and for all levels.  

3. Dancing- almost all forms! Hip-hop, salsa, country, ball room, you name it! Enjoy yourself as you burn calories and work your body. 

4. Paddle Boarding- talk about a killer core workout! This is great for anyone near a body of water. The harder/easier you work, the harder/easier it will be. 

Paddle Boarding

5. Kayaking– another great form of exercise for people living near water. This works more upper body.  

6. Wii Fit- a working mom of 5 children told me about this one! Wii Fit offers dozens of different games to choose from including yoga, Hula hooping, skiing, tennis, The Biggest Loser, circuit training, and a whole lot more. 

Wii Fit

7. Kickboxing– this one is especially great for relieving stress and agitation. Many gyms have classes for this. 

8. Trampoline Jumping– I discovered this one while babysitting. It is easy on the joints, and great for getting in short 10-minute bursts of exercise. 

9. Tennis- find a buddy, some rackets, and tennis balls and get to it! 

10. Swimming- this is a great low-impact form of exercise which you can easily modify to fit your needs. 


What unusual forms of exercise do YOU do? 


Craigslist Joe

Craigslist Joe is an amazing documentary about a man who relies solely on the kindness and generosity of people from Craigslist for an entire month. Watch the trailer to see his mind blowing experience.

After watching this movie, I began pondering just how people are able to trust someone they met on Craigslist. As I was searching for the movie on youtube, I also found the “Craigslist Killer”.  That seems more like what I would expect from relying on an online community. Yet, the man in this documentary meets a multitude of people who are just looking for someone to talk to during a long car ride, some help cleaning up space (mentally and physically), a person to give a free service to (like a dance class), or just a head to give a free hair cut too.

What are your thoughts? Could you do what this man did?

5 yr old boy with terminal cancer wants bday cards

This sweet face wants a birthday card, from YOU.

With a case of inoperable brain cancer, Danny Nickerson has an unusual life for a young kid. Instead of action heroes, he would like birthday cards for his birthday. Take a few minutes out of your day to send this adorable child a birthday card. Seriously, it will make his day, maybe even his life.


To mail Danny a card:

Danny Nickerson

P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035

Get updates on Danny at and see what a difference your card has already made!

Help Megan’s Fight Against Self-Injury

My friend Megan needs help paying for medical treatment her insurance does not cover. She appreciates any help at all 🙂 She has a very kind heart and I admire her for going to such great lengths to improve herself.

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“I am raising up funds for me to be able to stay at a residential program that is specifically for individuals that struggle with Self Injury, which is in Missouri. My health insurance doesn’t have residential benefits (meaning they won’t pay for me to stay in the hospital overnight for the thirty days I am in the program), but they will cover all the other costs of the program 100%.The boarding for the thirty days will cost 2,000, which I need your help with, please. 

I will also need help in paying for transportation costs please, since it’s pretty pricey, because I live in Texas & it’s pretty far away from Missouri. Anyway, it costs about 400 for Roundtrip Grayhound Bus Tickets & I figure it will cost about 100 for the Taxi Ride to the hospital, (as well from the hospital when the I have finished my thirty days at the program), where the Residential Program is being held; which is in a surrounding city, from where the bus station is.

Please help me out, it really would mean so much to me if I could go get treatment there, I’ve been wanting to go for four years now; I really feel like God has pointed me toward this program, because it’s a good life altering experience!

Please donate as much as you feel lead too, anything helps!
Prayer, over this matter is great too!”

Latin America Declares Two New Saints

Floribeth Mora presents Pope Francis with a relic.

Floribeth Mora presents Pope Francis with a relic.

Popes John Paul II and John XXII were declared Saints this past Sunday in the Vatican. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered around as Pope Francis canonized the two deceased Popes. An estimated 800,000 pilgrims made their way to the Vatican that day. To become a Saint, two miracles must happen after the death of the said Pope. Floribeth Mora being cured by Pope John Paul II of an aneurism was considered to be the second necessary miracle. Using a piece of skin from John and a container of blood from John Paul, relics of the two Popes were created and placed near the alter during the ceremony. Read more at