Cute Armadillo

It seems that more and more cute animal videos are being posted online each day. Aside from your typical house pets, I had never thought of armadillos as being cute until now! What do you think?



Armadillo Quick Facts:

-Armadillo is a spanish word for “little armored thing”.

-Over 20 varieties of armadillos exist, with only one variety existing in the United States.

-Armadillos give birth in sets of 4 and from the same egg. Each quadruplet is identical to the other.

-Armadillos have poor eyesight and therefore use their sense of smell to hunt.

-By inflating their stomach and intestines, armadillos can float under water.

-When frightened, armadillos jump straight into the air.


More Facts Can Be Found Here:

Easy Ways to Help

Yatta yatta global warming. We get it, humans stink and are ruining the world. Tired of being asked for donations and told of how yet another species has died off? Here are some easy ways to help animals and the environment without reaching into your pocket.

The world is abundant and we can make change!

1. Use It is a search engine that donates money to the organization of your choice. Super easy, simply search for terms like you would on google and watch as you rack up donations and feel good feelings.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We heard it as children growing up, but the saying still works. My trash can is actually smaller than my recycling bin. If you live somewhere where recycling is not available, ask for it to be.

I love because you can search for locations to recycle almost anything, including outdated tv’s, couches, plastic wrap, etc, etc.

3. Pay bills online instead of on paper. It’s easy and quick. Plus, you can set up autopay and avoid late fees!

4. Switch your electricity to renewable energy. Austin Energy offers the switch to GreenChoice. I am currently using wind power, if I can remember correctly. All I had to do was go on to the login page to view my bill and look around on the page for the GreenChoice option. Other programs exist too that do the same thing. Surprisingly, the cost is not much different than other electricity.

5. Compost. It’s easy and saves you money since you will buy far fewer trash bags! Build yourown bin, buy one from a store, or get some old storage bins and poke holes at the top. After a few weeks you get to enjoy free fertilizer!! Don’t have a lawn? Ask a homeowner if they might want it. 

Some compost bins do almost all of the work for you. Here’s an example, the Suncast TCB68oo Tumbling Composter.

Austin, and possibly other cities, offers a rebate for compost bins. Check it out at Up to a $75 value!

Check out 50 more ways to save the planet without much effort!

Basic Tree Maintenance

Feeling overwhelmed about all the news about climate change? Or simply wanting to do your part for the environment? Trees are incredibly important for maintaining a healthy environment and are relatively simple to maintain. Continue reading for easy tips on how to care for mature trees you have in your lawn.

First, here are some quick facts about trees:

*Trees take up to 15 years to reach maturity

*Until a tree has matured, it cannot absorb carbon

*For every tree that is planted, 10 are cut down world wide

Caring for Trees in your Lawn

Much to your surprise, trees need more water than we might think.

*Trees planted within the past 5 years need 5-10 gallons of water weekly to be happy. A good way to water your lovely tree is to set the hose to a slow drip and place it at the base of the tree. If your tree has mulch around it, that’s an even better place for the hose. Leave the hose there for several hours or overnight.

*A tree that is watered throughout a drought will grow 30-60% faster.

*Large trees that appear to be fully grown still need water…though far less often. Consider watering these wise trees once every 4 weeks, and place the hose at the furthest end of the roots you can see rather than at the base. Use a slow trickle, as stated before, and try to move the hose to different spots around the tree ever so often.

File:Olive trees on Thassos.JPG

*Trees need to be the center of attention, so try not to plant shrubs or bushes near the base of your tree to avoid competition.

Baby Gorilla Born!

The San Diego Zoo has a new addiction…a 4.6lb addition to be exact.  Zoo staff noticed an 18-year old gorilla mother, Imani, was in labor for an unusually long time and in distress, therefore they helped her. Imani, was in labor for 12 hours when she was sedated and taken to a veterinarian hospital for a C-section.

San Diego baby gorilla is born

Cute, tiny, and healthy, the precious baby gorilla is doing fine and being closely monitored in intensive care. Mommy Imani is also doing well and enjoying the company of another gorilla. Hooray for veterinarians and the watchful eyes of zoo staff!

Gorillas are referred to as ‘gentle giants’ in the animal world. Despite the television’s daunting portrayal of them, gorillas are a family-oriented, plant-eating, peaceful species. With a lifespan of 35-50 years. gorillas first arrived at the San Diego Zoo in 1931. The word “gorilla” means “tribe of hairy women” in Greek. Gorillas have fur across the body except for their palms, faces, and soles of their feet.

Rwanda Gorillas


More information about gorillas can be found at the San Diego Zoo’s website.