Pool Workout for Non-Swimmers


Here is a workout you can do in the pool, even if you are NOT a swimmer, and even if all you have access to is a small apartment pool! I did not have a paddle board, so I used the top of a styrofoam cooler instead. 


This workout takes about 25-30mins. It is great for the front of your legs and abs!

  1. Warm up by kicking easy 4 x 25 yards (rest 10 sec. at end of the lane after each before starting the next lap)
  2. Repeat the following 3 times:
    1. Kick 25 yards easy followed by 25 yards hard (10 sec. rest)
    2. Kick 50 yards easy followed by 25 yards moderate followed by 25 yards hard (20 sec. rest)
    3. Kick 25 yards moderate followed by 25 yards hard (15 sec. rest)
  3. Kick on your back (holding the kickboard straight out overhead) 4 x 25 yards (15 sec. rest) **this really works your core
  4. Kick 4 x 25 yards very hard (sprinting effort) (30 sec. rest)
  5. Cool down by kicking easy 4 x 25 yards (10 sec. rest) 

-by thefitscoop@gmail.com

Workout originally found from http://www.thefitscoop.com/cardio-workout-of-the-week-pool-workouts-for-non-swimmers/


Get Rid of Flabby Arms


Get Toned!

You know that flabby underarm fat that jiggles around when you raise your arms? It’s easy to fix, and without any money or surgeries! What you are seeing when you look at a flabby back of the arm is a combination of fat and untoned muscle. Even extremely thin people can have flabby underarms; it’s mostly about toning up your muscles.

So how to do this? Work on your triceps- they are the flabby skin you are seeing. 

Many exercises can be found for triceps depending on what you are comfortable doing. Several of them can even be done at home. Some tricep exercises include:

1. Push Ups

2. Tricep Dips- using a chair, curb, or bench

3. Cable Machine Tricep Pushdowns

4. Tricep Kickbacks- using dumbbell 

5. Tricep Extension- using dumbbell


Just by doing a simple google search for “tricep exercises” you can find a whole lot. The point is to pick an exercise you can do for 8-10 reps and 1-3 sets of. Try doing this twice a week. 

Below are two websites with exercises to choose from:



As always, feel free to ask me any questions about exercise or my posts! 


Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise:

1. Reduced risk of coronary artery disease- sign me up please!

2. Longer life- who wouldn’t want this?

3. Improvement in cardio functions- you can breathe easier and go further!

4. Decreased anxiety and depression- ever heard of runner’s high?

5. Ease of movement during work, recreational, and sporting activities- meaning less times where you feel out of breath



6. Stress relief- my favorite!

7. Weight loss- coupled with nutrition of course 

8. Improves memory

9. Wards off diseases- I know I’d rather sweat a little than get a cold!

10. Strengthens bones- yay! This means a reduced risk of osteoporosis. 


What about you? What is YOUR favorite benefit of exercise? 

Comment below! 





Craigslist Joe

Craigslist Joe is an amazing documentary about a man who relies solely on the kindness and generosity of people from Craigslist for an entire month. Watch the trailer to see his mind blowing experience.

After watching this movie, I began pondering just how people are able to trust someone they met on Craigslist. As I was searching for the movie on youtube, I also found the “Craigslist Killer”.  That seems more like what I would expect from relying on an online community. Yet, the man in this documentary meets a multitude of people who are just looking for someone to talk to during a long car ride, some help cleaning up space (mentally and physically), a person to give a free service to (like a dance class), or just a head to give a free hair cut too.

What are your thoughts? Could you do what this man did?

Cute Armadillo

It seems that more and more cute animal videos are being posted online each day. Aside from your typical house pets, I had never thought of armadillos as being cute until now! What do you think?



Armadillo Quick Facts:

-Armadillo is a spanish word for “little armored thing”.

-Over 20 varieties of armadillos exist, with only one variety existing in the United States.

-Armadillos give birth in sets of 4 and from the same egg. Each quadruplet is identical to the other.

-Armadillos have poor eyesight and therefore use their sense of smell to hunt.

-By inflating their stomach and intestines, armadillos can float under water.

-When frightened, armadillos jump straight into the air.


More Facts Can Be Found Here:



New Invention to Save Children from Hot Cars


A high school senior named Alissa Chavez has struck a magnificent invention. Chavez has created a tool to significantly reduce the number of child deaths due to sitting in a hot car. How so? The “Hot Seat” includes a pad that is placed under the child’s car seat, and a keychain alarm. If the parent walks more than 40ft away from the pad, the alarm sounds. Pretty cool, right? Go Alissa!