Ten Unusual Ways to Exercise

Studies show the numerous benefits of exercise: stress relief, longer lives, decreased risk for disease, etc.

Here are 10 Unusual Ways to Exercise:

1. Rollerblading– it’s not just for kids, mom and dad can do it too! Rollerblading is great for cardio and balance. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, your body will benefit from a short stroll through the neighborhood. 

by Dennis MacDonald

Rollerblading by Dennis MacDonald

2. Martial Arts– Many gyms offer classes for martial arts, and for all levels.  

3. Dancing- almost all forms! Hip-hop, salsa, country, ball room, you name it! Enjoy yourself as you burn calories and work your body. 

4. Paddle Boarding- talk about a killer core workout! This is great for anyone near a body of water. The harder/easier you work, the harder/easier it will be. 

Paddle Boarding

5. Kayaking– another great form of exercise for people living near water. This works more upper body.  

6. Wii Fit- a working mom of 5 children told me about this one! Wii Fit offers dozens of different games to choose from including yoga, Hula hooping, skiing, tennis, The Biggest Loser, circuit training, and a whole lot more. 

Wii Fit

7. Kickboxing– this one is especially great for relieving stress and agitation. Many gyms have classes for this. 

8. Trampoline Jumping– I discovered this one while babysitting. It is easy on the joints, and great for getting in short 10-minute bursts of exercise. 

9. Tennis- find a buddy, some rackets, and tennis balls and get to it! 

10. Swimming- this is a great low-impact form of exercise which you can easily modify to fit your needs. 


What unusual forms of exercise do YOU do? 


Happiness is Possible

Ways to Increase your Happiness:

1. Exercise. Even if just a simple fast paced walk or taking the stairs rather than the elevator can make a difference. Getting your heart pumping teaches your body how to deal with the stress of exercise and in turn the stress of life. Opt for 10 minute bouts of exercise


2. Volunteer/ help someone in need. Helping a cause gets your mind focused on things besides your own life and gets your mind out of the gutter. 


3. Laugh. I like to keep a mental list on hand of what makes me laugh. Here’s mine: kids being ernest, animals cuddling, sarcasm, The Office, my mom, saying the word ‘poop’. To get in a good chuckle I simply search for one of these topics onto Google or call up mi madre. What’s on your list? 


4. Ask for a Hug. My significant other is never too busy to stop for a heart warming embrace. It’s free and it feels good!

5. Compliment someone. People are almost never expecting someone to say “that shirt looks great on you,” or “great haircut.” Give someone a lovely surprise! You might make their day.


What things make you happy?